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Sometimes, young immigrant students have difficulties adapting to scholastic settings. The settlement workers working in the schools create the link between the schools, families and society. The program, instituted in 1999 by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), aided new immigrants to fully develop skills to blend in with their new school settings and also in their neighborhoods. This program has created the necessary tools which immigrant children can use to comfortably blend into their French school settings.

Through the program, certain community agencies can hire settlement workers who are able to service French elementary and secondary schools which host a large number of immigrant students. As of November 2009, teams of settlement workers began serving the Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor and London regions. The SWIS program is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Each program is directed by an advisory committee. Members of this committee, consist of representatives from the school boards, the organization funded by CIC and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), as well as the French-speaking provincial coordinator, meet regularly to deal with various problems involved in the program and to plan new services. Each steering committee adopts its own operational guide lines and each program has its own name.

The role of the settlement workers in schools

The settlement worker program is financed by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC). The workers are placed in both elementary and secondary French public and catholic school boards so that they are able to welcome newly arrived students and their families. The goal of the settlement workers is to facilitate the integration and the full development of the newly arrived students.

The settlement worker’s mandate

The mission of the settlement workers is to facilitate the integration and scholastic success of newly immigrated children in French primary and secondary schools of both the public and catholic school boards. They also help to facilitate the integration of both the students and their families in their communities.

Primary levels: Goals is to establish contact with the families and offer any type of support and assistance with integration.

Secondary levels: Establish contact with students in secondary schools and offer them proper materials to properly integrate into their school systems.

The settlement workers:
  • maintain contact with the parents, tutors (for the students in secondary schools) to assist in the maintenance of any questions regarding assimilation and integration.
  • assist families with finding resources in their communities and also special assistance for those with various needs.
  • help the personnel in the schools to understand the needs of the immigrated children in regards to cultural aspects.

    Funded by Citizenship Immigration Canada
Child care room for workshops Various workshops offered throughout the year by our settlement workers in schools
Multicultural Pot-Luck Dinner More than 80 people from 8 different Countries
Celebrating the Franco-Ontarian Flag with 800 students and participating in a “Flash-Mob” Community Clothes-Line