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Oasis at the Beach Volleyball League Summer season will begin the week of May 5th and end the week of September 8th, 2014.   The League will start at 6:15pm and wrap up at 9:30pm. A full team will consist of three women and three men (Maximum 3 guys on court at one time) Registration for your roster will be given to you at the captainís meeting on the first night of the league. Take advantage of our early bird specials and promotions. 6-on-6 Co-ed Beach Volleyball! Competitive and Non-Competitive teams welcome.
  • You will be guaranteed 6 games per night
  • Games will go up to 25 points.
  • End of Season Prizes for top teams in each Tier!
  • Great Food and Drink Specials!
Any further questions will be answered at the captainís meeting held 1 hour before the start date of the your league night or you can contact Jerry at volleyball@placeconcorde.org

Our patio will provide you with a viewing area during the game time!!!
Beverages will be served ALL night long on the patio or in the lounge.
Food will be available until 9 P.M.


Complete the online registration form or use the printable registration link below

Team Captain:  
Team Name:  
Primary Contact
Day of the week preferred:
First Choice:   Mon.     Tues.     Wed.     Thurs.     Fri.    
Second Choice:   Mon.     Tues.     Wed.     Thurs.     Fri.    
With this method of registration you can pay with Visa or Mastercard. The league manager will be in touch to get your credit card information. You can also pay in person in with cash, debit or cheque.
What is the best number to reach you?  
What is the best time to call?  

<< Printable Registration form >>**

** Return your completed registration along with your payment to Place Concorde.


*** Opportunities for Tournaments, staff parties and birthday court rentals! ***
phone: 519-948-8647
e-mail: volleyball@placeconcorde.org